Ivan Murgic.

(San Juan. Argentina.1994)

Video maker. I am an Image and Sound  Designer, graduated at UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires). I create video pieces to understand the world around me. I use Moving Image in order to express ideas with an experimental approach. I am selected for the LAB Federal 2021 videoart residency at the Museo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Museum of the City of Buenos Aires). I was part of FAAP artistic residency in São Paulo in early 2020, and was selected as a director in the 14th International Film Student Camp FILMART in Serbia.


My works have been shown in expositions like: 34th Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media, Stuttgart, 2021. 18 Filmski Front - DokuFront selekcija , Novi Sad, 2020. Kulturni Centar Beograd - FILMART, 2019. Itáu Visual Arts Prize Exhibit, Casa Nacional del Bicentenario, Buenos Aires, 2019.  (Sintomas y Desplazamientos) Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes, Franklin Rawson, 2018. San Juan, Argentina. And festivals like the 63 Oberhausen Short Film Festival (Where it got the second award for best short film of NRW Jury), and later in other festivals as VIENNALE (Vienna International Film Festival), 66 Trento International Film Festival, Uppsala International Short Film Festival, among others, as well as the author cinema streaming platform MUBI.


I get inspired by the movement of people, my movement, the appropriation of space and trying to understand the way we as humans create a sense of belonging. I see myself as part of a constant human displacement, trying to understand the consequences on how we perceive the world.