title. Seismo

date. 2018

city. San Juan. Argentina.

video 4K.  16:9. 7'30''.

San Juan, Argentina, 15th January of 1944. An earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on Richter Scale destroys 90 percent of the colonial city built with mud bricks.

I wanted to generate my own speech about what I call as “the seismic condition”, a natural state

of constant transformation.


I propose a poetic intervention, using mud bricks from former ruins to built different monuments  of 1,80m tall. Once they are finished I destroy them.


Installation setup


Seismo was thought as an installation video performance. It requires a powerfull projector, one screen of 6m x 4,25m and stereo speakers. Measures may change according to space but what is important is the ratio 16:9 and the 1 on 1 scale with the viewer.

ESTRUCTURA2.00_02_28_11.Imagen fija004.j