title. Terrenal (En oposición del cielo) /

       Earthly (Opposite to the sky.

date. 2016

city. Junin de Los Andes. Neuquen. Argentina

video. 1920x1080. 19'30''.

63 Oberhausen International Short Film Festival
2nd prize of the NRW jury

VIENNALE (Vienna International Film Festival)

Uppsala International Short Film Festival


66 Trento International Film Festival

FESTIFREAK Festival de cine Independiente de la Plata

A trip to a winter landscape where colors are gone, we find a place where people set wood on fire, where bikers ride through water, and a car pick up dogs. Then a sing with the inscription "Land for everyone", soldiers with guns, a Barrack.
Earthly is a poetic film that builds with his cinematography a misty mountain world where the Lanin Volcano rules, and open ups the question that cross all the continent, who owned the Land, and who took it for himself with violence?.


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